Link to Forum (where you Prompt & Respond to Critiques)

There are 5 critiques this semester. You will respond to 3 of them (Responder). You will be responsible for working with a group to start the conversation for 1 of them (Prompter). You can skip 1 (there’s a lot of work in this class)

Role of the Prompter
The week when you are a Prompter, you will be the first to critique the visualizations. Your post is due by Tuesday. For example, the week of 9/19, the Prompters must post their critique(s) by 9/20 As a Prompter, you will give a thorough critique of the visualizations, covering not only what is presented, but what other questions it brings up. Working as a group, you must meet to discuss the visuals before posting (I recommend doing this as early as possible). If you have one collective perspective, you can post just one prompt (I recommend using a Google Doc to write it, and be sure to sign everyone’s names). If you have differences of opinion/perspective/etc., you may post individual prompts.

Your prompt should cover:

  • What this visualization(s) is about — what story is it telling or question is it answering?
  • Where did the data come from?
  • What tools did the author(s) use to convey that story?
  • What design decisions did they make to convey that story?
  • What stands out as particularly effective?
  • What could be improved on? Do you have suggestions from improvement?
  • Is the author communicating any bias? And if so, how?
  • What other questions does this visualization(s) bring up?

Role of the Responder
The weeks when you are a Responder, you must reply to the Prompters’ critique. Do you agree with everything they posted? Disagree? Is there anything they may have overlooked? What other feedback would you give to the author(s) of the visualization?